Thursday, January 25, 2007

Debaser @ The Whistle Stop, Monday, January 29

I have been blogging since April 25, 2003 (on a blog that is offline now) and in that time I had developed a small group of "blog friends"; people whose blogs I'd read regularly that I've never met in real life. Some of them quit blogging but there are a couple that I still read. One of those is by Sarah, who in the time I've "known" her, has moved from San Francisco to Cape Cod (where she was from) to New York and now back to Boston.

In the past, she has posted about an event called Cringe that happens in New York, where adults read from their adolescent journals and diaries (before blogs existed). I loved the idea and even proposed to my friend Jason that he somehow incorporate it into his "Perfectly Charming Evenings" that he promoted on Sundays at the San Diego Sports Club. He didn't bite, but I'm glad someone did. By the way, I think Cringe started the idea, but I could be wrong, it just happens to be the first place I'd ever heard of it.

The Whistle Stop presents Debaser, San Diego's equivalent of Cringe. That old blog I was talking about probably has plenty of Debaser material, which is pretty sad since I wrote it as an adult, but that only means the old journals are even better. So get out and find your journals, old letters, etc. and take yourself right back the 12 year old insecure geek we all were.

If I can track the link, there was one Cringe participant who had audio files of his very passionate letter to Aaron Spelling trying to convince him that the only way for 90210 to survive would be to have Brandon Walsh die. (Because then all the characters would have to come together without him, duh!)

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