Wednesday, January 03, 2007


As I mentioned in my post about the Casbah show last week, Addiquit was wasted. After writing that, Addiquit friend requested me on MySpace. So yeah, here's more about the performance, in this week's CityBeat.

Here's a piece from Troy:

The buzz got even louder at the venue—not about her music, but about whether the stumbling, slurring MC was coherent enough to play. Eventually, she did stagger on stage and performed a 10-minute set that was part drunken spectacle and part promise, in which she freestyled and asserted “I’m a street bitch” over and over to a small, gawking crowd.

“I know I was too [intoxicated]…. The Casbah was the first ‘big show’ for me,” she later said, saying it wasn’t nerves that caused her to drink up. “I think I’ve set the record for being thrown out of bars here in San Diego. My friend suggested I play the next show at lunchtime.”
As Donald Trump says, we believe in second chances.

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