Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thrasher ASR Party @ The Ken Club

Last night, Thrasher had an ASR party at the Ken Club. In high school my boyfriend was sponsored by a skate company, which, back then, seemed like a huge deal. Last night, the skaters and their groupies made it obvious that it still is a big deal.

I got to the Ken Club at 9:30 and it was packed. Both sides. On a Wednesday night. Thrasher was premiering their new skate video. I snapped a couple pictures of the crowd watching the film on a large projection screen in the band room until Brett told me that it was going to show again, so I found a perch in the bar and waited for the second viewing. I felt like I was in a flashback timewarp...all my guy friends in high school were skaters and skaters all pretty much dress exactly the same, both then and now. Only I realized that I was a "used-to-be" and I suddenly felt really old. I caught myself, instead of just saying "excuse me" as I was passing through the bar, I was saying "excuse me, Dude," like these were my bros or somthing. I am so lame.

Anyway, the video was put into the DVD player and it is really cool. It was their King Of The Road 2006 video. Four teams compete on a national road trip/scavenger hunt and earn points. The winning team wins $20k and invaluable street cred. The teams are made to do lots of skate related things, like railslides in the rain, biggest gap ollies, jumping particular landmarks in the cities toured, etc., but they are also made to do other funnels, taking pictures of certain things, and the funniest, making out with women over 40. Team Zero won the competition for the third year in a row and the video of this dude making out with nine older ladies is hilarious. Especially because a couple of them look over 60.

The crowd thinned out as the word spread that Chad Muska was spinning at the Beauty Bar and my Ken Club was back to normal for a Wednesday night.

I was gonna post the pictures but I'm sure you all know what a crowded bar full of looks like...

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