Monday, January 08, 2007

Vote For My Piece o Shit Car!

I really don't know that I should completely expose myself like this, but I entered a contest to win the VW bus from Little Miss Sunshine. It had to be 60 seconds and you had to use the VMIX site to create a slideshow, and the uploaded video is really fucked up compared to how my final preview looked, so I'll blame vMix. My transitions and captions got all fucked up from how they looked when I edited, but it is what it is and I can't fix it now. I think my entry comes in over 60 seconds, but the vMix helpdesk has notified me that it was, in fact, a glitch in the system, so all entries will still be considered in spite of their length. There were less than 50 entries nationwide, so chances are relatively good.

I used a song by Get Back Loretta("You Gotta Believe") that was available on the site. Public votes count for 25% of the score, so won't you help me out and vote??

The link to all the entries is here. Mine is called "San Diego Hooptie" and is in the fourth column, eleventh row. I would embed it here, but the code is all screwed up. If you have a second, come and vote.

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