Monday, January 08, 2007

Things To Do: January 8

I kinda like the daily updating of my things to do. First off, I think it should always stay at the top of the page. But also, just typing it all gives me perspective about how my week lays out, when I can fit in doing laundry, how much money I can blow on cover or drinks or merch, when I'll get to take naps or when I should just stay in. I hope it works for you.

It has also occurred to me that people coming from out of town, say for the ASR (Action Sports Retailers) Trade show might be looking for things to do while they're in San Diego, so I'm trying to extend the calendar out a little more, but still on a week to week basis. I'll still be constantly updating as I find other things to add.

Monday, January 8:

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  • Anti-Monday League @ The Casbah, Featuring Vinyl Radio, Peter and The Wolf, Fifty On Their Heels, The Strikers. $5. Presented by Tim Pyles. New Set Times: 9 :00 - The Strikers 9:45 - Fifty On Their Heels 10:30 - Vinyl Radio 11:15 - Peter And The Wolf

Look at his cute new logo:

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  • Cocktails in Kensington @ The Ken Club
  • Justin Timberlake & Pink @ iPayOne Center
  • Elvis' Birthday Celebration @ Dick's Last Resort. Impersonator competition and Jelly Donut Eating Contest. Free to enter. Joey Inzunza, if you were still in San Diego you could be all over this.
  • Lady Dottie & The Diamonds @ Tower Bar

3 comments: said...

Thank you Tim for ficing our set time :)

- Andrew

catdirt said...

what the hell does "ficing" mean? fixing? nm- hey- pod playing a new charger theme song... that right there is pretty tempting. said...

yep, i must have been seeing c's, I meant fixing.

Man, so many groups try the theme song thing.... is that where POD has headed?