Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today's Newsy Tidbits- Thursday

I didn't make it out last night. My Christmas tree was still up and looking more and more sad the further into '07 we get, so it was time to let go. I wanna hear about the show at the Casbah, the S&M show at the Beauty Bar, and Pussy Galore. Good turnouts? Any craziness ensue?

This really has nothing to do with anything but it will stand, at least for now, as the funniest thing I've seen in person this year. Last night after work, on 2nd and C street in front of the community concourse, a large group of all male protesters had assembled. I don't think I'm exagerrating to say there were 30-40 guys, all young, and loud. What were they protesting you ask? The buildup of troops in Iraq? no. They were chanting in support of the former 9th planet of our solar system, Pluto. Chanting "1-2-3-4 We love Pluto, 5-6-7-8 We think Pluto's great." 5 shirtless guys each had a letter of "pluto" across their chests. The funny thing, to me, was that Pluto's planetary status was stripped months ago. Way to follow your current events, guys!


My most listened to and favorite album of 2006 was Makers by Rocky Votolato. If you're a fan, keep an eye out for tickets as he'll be returning to the Casbah on April 15 (taxday and my sister's 29th birthday) He often does an in-store at M-Theory, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too.


Indie103 played an old Silversuns Pickup track this morning. It is from their ep before Carnavas and the song is called Kissing Families. They have it posted on their MySpace page, so go check it out if you're a fan. While I'm at it, I bought a pair of tickets to Snow Patrol, Silversun Pickups, and OK, Go! coming in a couple months. I haven't thought about who is going to get the second ticket, so if you wanna come with me (and pay back for the ticket), let me know. I am not in the pit but my seats are decent.


This is a message from Andrew of Vinyl Radio/Upset Schoolbus/and formerly Cape May. (Go toward the bottom of the section call Notables)

We're adding Ryan, former singer and guitar hero
from the Jury, to the group that me, Dusty from Cape May, and Andrew
McNally from the Jury and Rookie Card have initiated. So far that makes 2
drummers, sharing the same kick, that will also sing and play keys on different
songs, and some guitars. Ryan will also sing, do his thing that he does so well
on his Les Paul and sing, and myself on guitars and keys and some
singing. Bass player needed. We wanted to talk to the girl guitarist and former
Society back-up singer from Pussywhipped but I got kicked out of the SDSC
before I could speak with her. Damn that register girl!

Keep an eye out for Upset Schoolbus....
The Black Keys will be on Conan tonight. If you're home (or arriving home after a night out) be sure to check them out. And Peter, Bjorn and John just confirmed they'll be on January 29.
MySpace Secret Show in San Diego this weekend! Just announced! All Ages! Free!
Hellogoodbye & Self Against City @ Soma Sidestage, Sat Jan 13, 7pm. Maybe Tom will be there!!

Lon Gisland EP

Download "Elephant Gun" (mp3)
from "Lon Gisland EP"
Ba Da Bing!

That's all I've got so's a slow news day...just be glad I'm not ranting about the Commander in Chief.

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