Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kadan- Give it a chance

I did not make it out last night, unfortunately. Everyone I talked to about going to the Mr. Tube show had comments about the venue, Kadan. I just wanted to defend it a little.

When I first moved to Kensington, Kadan did not exist. Neither did Air Conditioned lounge. Kadan has been a ton of different places, but most recently Tuba Man's and Gorilla something-rather. When Kadan opened, it was the year my cousin was coming down from LA every weekend and staying with me. We took a liking to Kadan because of a bartender named Christie who was super cool, they had a clean bathroom (an important factor for chicks) and that they had PBR in cans. As far as I knew, it was the only bar in town doing that until there was a sorta PBR resurgence and it became kitschy city wide, but maybe I'm wrong about that. (PBR tall-boys now at the Belly Up! $6, a lot, but not bad when you consider a bottle of water is $3)

The bar is owned by a guy named Chris, who was one of the owners of Brick By Brick back when it was booking great shows, to me the most memorable of those shows being Fountains of Wayne. He is a hockey player and met his wife in the Czech Republic and she is from a place called Kadan, thus the name. Yes, the decor is a little medieval but it ain't no Renaissance Faire. Once the A/C lounge opened, I have to admit that I stopped going to Kadan because of the overflow crowd coming from A/C. Christie, the bartender, is gone now, her husband?/boyfriend? bought Brick By Brick and she is there now, but for me, if Kadan steers away from the DJ nights and has things more appealing to me, then I would definitely consider putting it back on my list of spots to check out.

In that vein, they've started "Bring Your Own" Mondays... you can bring music (limit one song per person, so make it good), bring your own board game, and bring your own food (potluck style), and bring your own friends to make it whatever you want. And all night $3 wells. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. And last year Kadan was the perfect final stop during "Taste Of Adams". They have happy hour seven days a week and good drink specials. Don't write it off is all I'm suggesting.

All that said, did anybody go last night? What were your impressions of Kadan as a venue for bands? (Remember not all bands have 10 people in them, too) Was there a cover? I wanna hear about it.

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