Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flosstradamus @ The Beauty Bar

I am a total phony. I really don't know anything about music. On the other hand, one of my best friends, Kristian, knows everything about everything. Over the years he's turned me on to some really good stuff far in advance of any huge commercial success of bands. It's because of him that I am really looking forward to the Peter, Bjorn and John release. It is also his fault that everytime you see me out on a cold night, I'm sporting a Wisconsin hoodie as that was his graduation I went to a few years back in Madison, Wisconsin.

He is also the person that called in a favor and made sure that I didn't pay for a drink the entire night at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego pre-opening.

I respect his opinion of music immensely, so when he sends me an e-mail like this, I listen.

I have 2 friends that are in a DJ group called Flosstradamus, they’re from
Chicago and they fucking rule. They’re playing at the Beauty Bar tomorrow night
in SD and you should post something about them. I just saw them last night and
they killed it…again. Great dance music, perfectly normal to hear Daft Punk into
Michael Jackson into Phil Collins into Rapture into Sigur Ros. Don’t sleep on
Here’s their myspace.

Looks like I have new plans for after TNT.
And in appreciation of being put on the guestlist:
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Unknown said...

That's CityBeat's PLAN A for Thursday... great night of music all around. Grand Ole Party/Rob Crow/Aspects of Physics @ TNT. Then Flosstradamus @ Beauty. Then Earl Greyhound @ Casbah. There should be some sort of "rock dive transit line" that just zips you from show to show.