Monday, January 29, 2007

Newsy Tidbits: Jason Mraz, Two Word Name, Greg Laswell

Not much news, but here's what I've got for today:

"Local" boy Jason Mraz has written a song called "The Beauty In Ugly" for the ABC show Ugly Betty and their "Be Ugly '07" campaign. You can listen to it
Local band Two Word Name played in Los Angeles on Thursday night. You might remember me posting their sale of tickets for the party bus for $35 to head to LA. In talking with some people this weekend, the trip worked out well for the band who had over 100 people show up to see them...but not without incident. The band was not on the bus which bummed some people out and there were allegedly underage kids on the bus partaking in the alcohol festivities. The bus got lost and had to call the band for directions and then the band was threatened by the club because there is a city ordinance that party busses and bus tours are not allowed on the Sunset Strip. Still, the band made a good showing and had a blast at their show. Also allegedly, the bus trip home had some wild stuff. I will neither confirm nor deny that I heard stories of 16 year old girls making out with 28 year old guys.
Congratulations to Greg Laswell are in order. His cover of the Cindy Lauper song "Girls Wanna Have Fun" is number 1 on iTunes folk charts for 10 days running. Nice. Mock Mtv all you want but if you get song placement on one of their shows it can really only be good. I mean unless you're too cool and don't really want to make money playing music.
A friend of mine went to the Fono/Swandive show at the Beauty Bar on Saturday Night. I like both bands myself, and I don't know if this comment reflected the bands or the bar, but he said, "The Beauty Bar is Dead". I've been interested in seeing the evolution as night after promoted night have left to other bars, i.e. Poprocks turning into the Anti Monday League at the Casbah and Pussy Galore moving to San Diego Sports Club. We shall see.

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