Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Bits

Alright, kids, the day has finally come...Wincing The Night Away is finally (officially) released. I also filed my taxes and woo-hoo, hopefully am a small step closer to a new computer so I can go blog-psycho and drive everyone crazy with manic posting from the comfort of my king bed.

Let's start with newsy stuff...

New Releases Today:
The Shins- Wincing The Night Away
Rob Crow- Living Well (doing an in-store at Lou's today at 6pm)
Deerhoof- Found Opportunity
The Good, The Bad and The Queen -self titled
Vietnam- VietNam

In MySpace News:

Social-networking site MySpace has filed a lawsuit against an alleged major spammer who has been targeted by Microsoft and others in the past.

According to MySpace, Colorado resident Scott Richter sent out millions of "bulletins" to MySpace members, violating state and federal antispam laws, including the Can-Spam Act. Richter gained access to user accounts through several phishing schemes, MySpace claims, and churned out messages that advertised products such as shirts and ringtones.

The amount of monetary damages that MySpace is seeking has
not yet been disclosed, but Richter apparently is already in the red after
losing a high-profile legal row with Microsoft. In that 2003 wrangle, the
alleged spammer was ordered to pay $7 million after he refused to settle the
dispute for a significantly lower amount.

I hope they hang that bastard by the balls. I can get over the spam and faux bulletins, but when my less discerning little brothers don't know any better, they are in jeopardy and I don't like it one bit.


Fact or Fiction?- I heard a cab crashed into Tobacco Rhoda's last night. That would make this the third bar in recent history...first the Jewel Box, then Zombie Lounge (thought I never confirmed that one), and now Tobacco Rhoda's. Hold your drinks a little tighter, people, because you never know...


Oscar nominations were announced today and other than Little Miss Sunshine, I say BFD. You can see them all here.


Tonight is the State Of The Union address. I'll save you the trouble of having to watch. My prediction of tonight's speech: "America is the greatest nation in the world, blah blah, the terrorists don't like us, blah blah, fight them there or we fight them here, blah blah, soldiers are not dying in vein, blah blah, fighting for our freedom and the liberation of the Iraqi people, blah blah, naysayers want you to believe we can't win, blah blah, but America is strong and we will endure, blah blah." Or something like that. This is the one night I will say thank god for American Idol. And dinner with my brother (who happens to be in the military).


Google is testing music videos through their AdSense network and I say, how do I get a piece of that action???


Kite Flying Society is selling merch. Go buy some so they can tour and record, would ya?

Wow, our very first sale!

Kite Flying
Society's debut album Where is the
and our Mens and Womens
T-Shirts are now on sale on our
website: KiteFlyingSociety.com/merch.

For a limited time only, CDs are $10 and shirts are $12 (plus shipping).
100% of the proceeds will go to the United Nations Fund for KFS' Second

Act now!


Recap of Cold War Kids coming up!

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