Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vinyl Radio: Clarification

This is a statement from Vinyl Radio in the form of a MySpace bulletin after I alerted them that today's CityBeat cited Morgan as the permanent drummer:

Despite what you may read in the pages of
Citybeat this week Morgan Young is not going to be our fulltime drummer. He has
been filling in for us while we searched for our guy and may I add he has done a
remarkable job and we are forever indebted to him. However, he is the drummer
for Silverbird and will not be the full time drummer for Vinyl Radio. That
distinction goes to Nelson Cooper. We met Nelson outside the library downtown
where he was sleeping on a bed of old newspapers and grocery bags. We brought
him home and cleaned him up real nice and taught him how to play the drums. I
hope this clears up any confusion.

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