Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Recap:New Year's Eve

As I have repeatedly mentioned with regards to New Year's Eve, it is a rookie night. If anything it's a nuisance that people who, on every other night of the year, would be on their sofas watching Leno, decide it's the one night a year to go out and drink ridiculous amounts of beer and shots, and then mix it all up with cheap champagne at midnight for the ultimate in drunkenness.

Per my plan, I stayed home. My friend Sara lives in the apartment upstairs from me, so we made a Trader Joe's shopping trip on Saturday and cooked appetizers and dinner on Sunday night. Stef came over and we were all stuffed...Santa Maria style tri-tip, Sour Cream and Goat Cheese mashed potatoes, spinich and artichoke dip with mediterranean flatbreat, and Gruyere and Carmelized Onion puff pastry bites.

As the night passed, Stef was on her way and Sara was ready to hit the couch, so at 11:20 I made my way to the Ken Club. It was pretty packed and there were plenty of people already at one too many, but enough of my friends were there to keep me entertained. At midnight, there was a lot of champagne to go around and after a while I ventured over to see the Creepy Creeps. Both Thee Corsairs and Monsters From Mars cancelled for whatever reason, so the Creepy Creeps played most of the night.

In all my years going to the Ken Club, this was my first time watching the Creepy Creeps. Donning powder blue tuxedos with white frilly tuxedo shirts underneath, Elvis pompadour wigs, and faces painted a ghoulish green, they rocked the stage. The music is driven by what sounds the organ and has a groocy retro rock sound. There were two go go dancers in front of the stage on lit up risers who spastically dance to the music. People in the crowd were dancing a kinda rapid twist and looked cool while doing it. The band was still going when I decided to call it quits.

A friend and I decided to check out another friend's party about half a block down the street from the bar. I should know better than to show up at a party at 1:45. Throughout my entire night, I'd had a beer and a half with dinner and 2 vodka tonics between 11:30 and 1:45. I was not even buzzed. I showed up to the party where everyone was drunk, people were making out all over the place, and people frantically tried to get every last drop out of the bottles of booze that were left. Not for me at all. I called it a night and decided I would save my steam for all the great shows that are coming up in the next couple weeks. Things to do this week coming shortly!

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