Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend Recap: Sunday

I woke up to my phone ringing at aroun 12:30. In my panic during the night and with the fear of having to evacuate, I had called Sara, my parents, a couple old neighbors all numerous times with nobody answering. My parents were freaked as was Sara but as everything was ok, they felt better after talking to me.

I decided to watch the Chargers game from home since I'd not had much sleep. I also didn't have a good feeling about the game and didn't want to be around a bunch of people who take a loss personal, or turn into big shit talkers if the game does go their way. It's just my feeling that athletic franchises have no loyalty to their hometowns, so people who worship any team kinda puzzle me. I like watching sports. I do not however, think of myself as being on a team and don't understand the "we're gonna kick your asses" shit talking. That's just me.

I don't need to mention what an ugly game the Chargers played. Disappointing, yes. Surprising, no.

The rest of my Sunday was chill until 8 when Dave picked me up to head to the Belly Up. We arrived during Matt Curreri's set. He and Joanie and Ray Suen of Exfriends were playing minus Kevin on bass and no drums. I love Matt Curreri. I like his quirky songwriting, I like that he is reminiscent of Tweedy but still stands alone on his own songwriting merit. Ray Suen is just amazing on both violin and mandolin. Joanie seems to have backed down on her vocals since the last time I saw them and I like it better that way. The crowd was really responsive to their music, especially the two hecklers up front that Matt had to ask "don't you need to get another beer or something?"

When Rhett came out, it was almost sad. His voice was strained and I'm sure today he has full on larenghitis. He kept apologizing for his voice, for having to spit, and thanking the crowd for "pretending like (he) could sing". Still, he powered through and played some Old 97s stuff and lots of songs from both his solo releases. I have to admit (sorry to eveyone who is so much cooler than me) that I was a Rhett Miller fan first and then went backward to the Old 97's. I have seen Rhett solo and fronting the band and I love both but very differently. For all the struggling through his set, he was a good sport and the crowd wouldn't give up on him. And really, how could you walk out on the man who has, hands down, the most piercing eyes, the best hair, and the best booty shake in all of rock n roll?

Some girls in the front who had videotaped the entire show and the others that had bought Rhett two shots of PatrĂ³n were not happy that I chatted with the sound guy who climbed onstage to get me the setlist. But I do it all for you dear Blog Readers...

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