Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend Recap: Friday

I really slacked on the blog this weekend but it was pretty crazy so I just didn't get around to it.

My Friday night began at Lestat's coffee. I got there during Micah Dahlberg's set. Micah sounded so much like James Taylor at times that I'd hoped he bust out some Sweet Baby James. He's from Texas but apparently lives in LA now. I liked the slow stuff more than the attempts at funking it up, but that's just me. He was backed by a cellist who was really good. Lestat's was packed, apparently Tyrone Wells is a huge draw and people were willing to dish out the $12 cover to see him.

Deccatree was next and my reason for being at the show. As I've mentioned, Chris Karn is the singer of Deccatree and was in a band called Sonichrome that I loved back in the days when Halloran was on The Flash. He was high on caffeine so had a hard time getting into serious mode for his songs but the crowd was exchanging banter and seemed to enjoy the short set. They started with a song I wasn't familiar with, then played Belong, Tears, Soul, Angel, What If I (first verse only and then they busted up and ended up skipping the song entirely), I'm Stalking You, Tonight.

Next up was Tyrone Wells. Chris produced his CD and apparently he's signed to Universal. I had other plans (you know, ones that involved adult beverages) I went to the HH bar and apparently the word is out because the bar was packed. Troy was there, KFS, Catdirt and Catdirt Wife, The Knitting Ninja, half of Vinyl Radio, and tons of others. It was a chill night but there were so many people there that eventually the fridge emptied of cold beers so everyone that hadn't already taken off to the Beauty Bar pretty much cleared out by 12:30.

I headed back to the hood and just missed The Fascination at the Ken Club. I had some drinks with Rob and bumped into an old friend who then came over and we watched tv until the wee hours until his friend was done hooking up with some chick in his truck. Saturday ended up not being a very productive day...

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