Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Recap: Saturday/Sunday

Such a lovely weekend, wasn't it? After hanging out with my sisters and brother in law at Old Town on Saturday, I headed down to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and the opening of the new wing. The line was ridiculous to get in but Andrea is people who know people, so wristbands were handed to us and we were walked into the museum ahead of the crowd. I apologize if I gave the impression that drinks were free, but a friend called in a favor and for me, they were, all night long...

We watched Mr. Tube and for me it was their best performance I've seen. Maybe it was all the jackets and ties that made them look so spiff. Maybe it was nice to see them all in dark colors contrasted with the bright fresh white walls and high ceilings. Maybe it was just fun seeing all the museum members (the fashionable, mostly gray haired set) mixing with more of the TNT crowd (really? All of you are "members"?) It was a good time but six ounce cups do not a cocktail make so we left the new wing without seeing the Masters collection and crossed to the quad area where Ryan, Leslie and Rick hooked up the heavy pours and The Viewmasters entertained. They sounded great and the crowd was really into it, dancing and whatnot, despite the cold.

As the evening wound down, I parted ways with Andrea and Matt and finished my night watching the Widows and Dissimilars at the Ken Club, kinda. I mean I was there, but a couple more drinks and dodging this perv who wouldn't leave me alone and I had to call it an evening.

Sunday morning I awoke to a message from my sister so Andrea and I met up with her and my bro in law and Claudia, my godsister, for an afternoon at the zoo. I hadn't been in ages, not since monkey trails has opened and it made me glad to have a zoo pass. If you live here you have no excuse to not have a zoo pass. Sunday was a perfect day to go, too, because everyone was presumably at home watching football.

Afterward, Andrea and I had dinner at Chevy's (save your money) and planned on meeting up again for the 91X/Amplify San Diego show at the Casbah, but it wasn't in the cards and decided to save my energy for the Cold War Kids show tonight at the Belly Up. I'll be making my best efforts to meet up with some people at Pizza Port and snag a couple drinks at Surf N Saddle before the show if anyone is in the area. If you don't have a ticket, you should still plan on a fun night out at the Casbah for Tim Pyles' Anti-Monday League, this week featuring Bumbklaat, The Long and Short of It, Batwings and CabrĂ³n and then head on over to M Theory to get the Shins album. Who says Mondays have to suck?

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