Thursday, January 04, 2007

Things To Do: January 4

Look, I'm not above whoring out my blog. This is clearly evidenced by my google ads (which none of you seem to click because I haven't made a penny) but anyway, let's make a put me on your guest list, I post your flier. Simple as that. (Swim Party, I'm talking to you!) Or you just have an awesome benefit à la Blasphemous Guitars and you're posted. So thank you, Tim (Roman Spring), your fliers are now posted. New additions to my "things to do" are in bold type.

Also, no recaps thus far this week. I've been binging on "Bad Girls Club" and other bad television, and last night at Lancer's was pretty chill, so no stories to tell except that I kicked ass in pool (sorry, Andrea).

I'm really looking forward to new music coming out soon, both locally and nationally...if you haven't heard the new Modest Mouse single "dashboard", go listen to it on their MySpace page here. The new Arcade Fire track "Intervention" is great, too. Do a little research and you can access the download, though you should donate to their cause. I really like the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah tracks that I've heard, too, though they take some listening to for full appreciation.

Also, some stuff is coming out locally. If you catch Reeve Oliver live, pick up their new ep with some tracks from their forthcoming album and stuff that they wrote after recording... Vinyl Radio had a bit of a CD fiasco (i.e. sending the wrong music to be pressed), so they've decided to give away their ep since their album will be out soon. There were some copies at Taang! Records. If they're gone, let me know and I'll force Matt to replenish the supply. I expect they will also have some to hand out at the show on Monday.

Also, sorry to anyone with an RSS feed for posting, reposting, etc. My internet is giving me issues.

That's about all I've gots for now.

Thursday, January 4:

  • Truckee Brothers, Loam, Dead Rock West @ Casbah $7 (Loam was my soundtrack for my first two years of college)
  • Vena Cava, Dan Padilla, Tulsa (from SF), Behind the Wagon, Vanja James @ Zombie Lounge
  • Barrington Levy @ Belly Up
  • Blues Traveler @ House of Blues


the.glaze said...

You guys went to Lancers and I didn't tell me. I thought I knew who my friends were?!?

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Sorry! It was a random thing. Blame Andrea.

adamg said...

I always try to get folks in who help promote shows. You should too! (that's bands, not Rosie) Unfortunately, no one gets in for free at a benefit. It's bad karma. Hope you can make it!