Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today's Newsy Tidbits

I did not go out last night so I got a full night's sleep and I am feeling good today. On with the blog:

If you haven't read CatDirt's review of the Justin Timberlake show, check it out here.
Good news from Peter, Bjorn and John: the long awaited US version of Writer's Block is out Feb 6th, 2007- for more info on the US release go here. (OK, maybe not local music news, but good non-local music counts on this blog, too.)
I have modified this website a little. In the right column I have added four different "hype machine" top tens. You can click on the songs and it will link you to the place where that MP3 is available online. I have links to Stereogum, "Popular Blog Tracks", Gorilla vs. Bear, and An Aquarium Drunkard. It's coming together little by little, people...
A shout out to Swim Party. Troy Johnson has made them the artist of the day on his blog here and this little site has been added as a link from the band's website. Go check out their site here. Thanks, Alex!
As Troy blogged, bad news for Bayside concerts. I used to teach tennis is Coronado. I say to Coronado, "BITE ME." The concerts at the Embarcadero were fucking great and the islanders get no sympathy. How about checking the decibels of all the military aircraft. Honestly, 76 complaints is a lot? Just wondering. So the concerts will all end by 10 or 10:30. If big bands still book, this could mean more official after parties at Beauty Bar, The Casbah and the like, yeah? The fucked up thing is that Coors will probably get more of the artists that would've played the Embarcadero. $25 for Manu Chao, bye-bye. $34 for Death Cab, Spoon and Mates? Not gonna happen again. Get ready for the tripling of ticket prices...
In addition to new stuff from Modest Mouse, The Shins, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Arcade Fire, Indie 103 is playing a new Morrissey track. Apparently the new ep is available on iTunes. And while I'm on the topic, is it just me or could the new Modest Mouse track "Dashboard" fit right onto The Cloud Room's '05 self-titled release?
Today's CityBeat's got lots of good stuff (most of which you already know from reading this blog!!), but here's Troy's correction about Vinyl Radio:
Last week in “If I Were U,” we reported that Brad
Artley—former drummer of Brian Jonestown Massacre and co-star of the holiest of
unholy rock documentary films, Dig!—had joined local garage-rockers Vinyl Radio.
Seems we jumped the gun: While Artley has auditioned, no decision has been made yet to add him to the band.
They are still looking for a permanent drummer. If you think you've got what it takes, you can drop me an email and I'll put you in touch with them, or just go to their MySpace page.
Here's CityBeat's take on Dick Murphy's Malkmus attendance that I blogged about here.

This from HoneyBeeHive:

due to last minute band cancelations, the bee hive is
currently available for bookings on jan 19 and 20. if you are interested in
putting a show together on either of these dates, please call Richie @

Blonde Redhead has announced a tour and will be at the Belly Up on April 27. (This one's for you, Jason, because I know you love them so...)

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