Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ASR&Agenda: Action Sports Retailers Trade Shows

I used to LOVE going to ASR. Back in the day, you could make up a business card and you were in. Then they started requiring a business license and card, and it got a little tougher, but you could maneuver. I haven't even tried to get in since high school, but man, those were the days. I had a friend who worked in the Gaslamp when all the businesses were thrift stores and produce distributors and he would get me a resident/employee wristband for Street Scene even though I was under 21, my other friends would take over the hostel that was on the corner of 6th and Island?, and I would hop back and forth between Street Scene, and the fall ASR. The winter one wasn't as cool but still fun and packed with goodness. I loved the celebrity spotting, too...Michael Stipe, Ice T, Tupac.

Anyway, ASR is back this week and everyone knows that means lots of parties and ASR specific events. I'd love to let you know about all of them, but I'm so far out of the loop it's ridiculous. Still I'll list what I can...

Wednesday Night: ASR Pre-party with DJ Sets by Chad Muska @ Beauty Bar $5 (with hosted drinks with Seagrams Vodka or Fernet Branca Wine)

Friday Night:
    presents DILATED PEOPLES and STONES THROW RECORDS @ House of Blues (Free with Agenda Wristband)
  • The Vice Party: Performances by Big Business and Earthless, djs Ikah Love, Justin Pearson, Barry Weaver @ 630 10th Avenue (at Market). 9pm. RSVP only to sandiego@viceland.com

    Here are the Tradeshow sites:

    If I hear about more parties, I'll be sure to post them. SRH used to throw some big parties, but maybe that was the Fall show. I dunno, but I'll keep an eye out...

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catdirt said...

i totes want to go to the vice party- i just emailed them...