Thursday, January 04, 2007

One Thousand Pictures

This is a bulletin posted by One Thousand Pictures. This really surprises me because the label (for some reason) sent me a shitload of stickers a few months back for no reason except that maybe I joined the mailing list when they played with SF band Every Move A Picture last year at the Casbah. I'll dig through my old (offline) blog and see if I can find my old review of that show. I was at the show as a volunteer for Music For America and was registering voters so I missed a lot of the show itself, but I definitely enjoyed myself. Anyhow, I hope they at least get their masters back so they can release their material themselves. Who needs a major record deal anyway?

Hello FRIENDS!!!

The new year has brought some rather large changes
our way, some of you already know of these changes but i believe most of you do
not. Fairly recently I received a phone call and I was informed that
our band "Onethousand pictures" was dropped from our exsisting label and our
record is not coming out. It was definately a surprise to us. On top of that,
you might have noticed that Abe (bass) and Andy (2nd guitar) have been removed
from our line up. We parted on extremely good terms but they are no longer
playing with us.

I understand that this bulletin seems like total
downer but Reid, Svend and myself are in great spirits and are more motivated
than ever to write, perform and make this band a greater success along with your
help. All of you mean the world to us, honestly. Your messages and your comments
really encourage us and make us feel great about what we do. I can't thank you
all enough for your love and support. Many of you are true believers in what we
create in this band and I want you to know that you are in fact a large
part of our final product. It's your love, hope, and encouragment that truly
inspire us to do what we do. Though the record is not coming out, I want to
share as much of our music with you as possible. If you are interested please
let us know.

Also keep an eye out for upcoming shows we will be
playing and new songs posted. ALL is good!!! We look forward to continuing our
journey with all of you, its been great so far. 2007 is going to bring great
things....i feel it. So here is a toast to "new beginnings!" I love you guys.
Hope to hear from you all real soon. Give.Hope

Love -evan

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