Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wednesday Newsy Bits: CatDirtSez, SD Reader, Vinyl Radio, 91X hires new PD, Band of Horses local connection

Grab this week's Reader. Page 98 features Scott Pactor of
CatDirtSez talking about music, the local scene, radio, and music in general and give a shout out to me, ChickRawker, and BlogSanDiego as the best local music blogs. And you'll never believe it, but Fifty on Their Heels isn't even mentioned once.
CityBeat and the Reader listings missed it, and only the Casbah in the Reader shows it, but Vinyl Radio is definitely playing on Saturday for the Bloody Hollies CD Release show, along with The PowerChords and Ari Shine.

In other Vinyl Radio news, the search for a drummer has ended as they have recruited Nelson Cooper on the kit. The band is stoked and feels like he's a solid match.
CityBeat's "local only" has the follow up to the car crashing into the Zombie Lounge last Thursday.
Here's the blurb:

Head Zombie dodges death

“We were doing a lot of the work on the place—moving out a bunch of walls,
putting in a new floor. Me and the guy who was painting went out to lunch, and
that’s when it happened,” said “Denver” Joe Hicks, owner of the Zombie Lounge in City Heights, about the Infinity luxury car that slammed through the wall on
Jan. 19. “We were painting right where she came through. One of us would’ve been nailed. There’s another one of my lives gone, dammit. I’m runnin’ out.”

The luxury-car missile crisis happened at about 4 p.m. “We went to Lowe’s, boarded
it up, and we were open that night,” Hicks said, noting that the crash also
inspired the landlord to give the go-ahead on major renovations to the Zombie
Lounge. “So it may be a blessing in disguise.”

Nobody was hurt. I've seen two near misses directly across the street from The Ken, then there was the Jewel Box, and now the Zombie. Watch out Casbah, you're on a dangerous corner...
Local photographer
Christopher Wilson will once again shooting the art for an upcoming Band Of Horses release.

91X has hired a new PD. He will start next Monday. You can read about it on Chickrawker's site
Battle of the Bands: Are they worth it??
Last week CatDirt had a lot to say about Battle of the Bands competitions, and while I agree, I still chose to publish the listings for the Emergenza festival at Dreamstreet because two bands I support played: Two Word Name and Hostile Combover. Two Word Name won their night and will continue on at the next round at Brick By Brick. I asked Hostile Combover how they did and this was the response:

it was lame. a total pyramid scam. boo-hoo.


Let their lesson be your lesson and don't let your local band get sucked into these competitions.

I had jury duty all day so while I catch up with the news, I thought I would mention that I've volunteered myself to be a field rep/street teamer for Filter Magazine...so keep an eye out for me distributing flyers and schwag all for free mags, music, and tickets. And expect to see me using this little blog here for promotional purposes as well. I don't mind whoring myself out for the music, Man.


Troy Johnson said...

Vinyl Radio was a late add to that show. Don't blame me if Matt and his merry gang of LP Radioheads are hopping the late train! I demand a retract! I demand a letter of apology! I demand mac 'n' cheese (the box kind, not any gourmet crap).

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Boo-hoo. "We already went to press..." Words you will never see on a Blog.

I'll hook you up with some mac n cheese anyway.

catdirt said...

if it's any consolation to hostile combover, i've added them to my "bands to see" list...

andrea said...

ya'll need to wrestle it out in a pool of mac'n'cheese!

To clarify: Vinyl Radio's been on that bill since the beginning- but the band only recently saw their name missing on The Casbah's website...