Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Random Tidbits/Anti Monday Recap

1. Morrissey has scheduled three solo dates in Pasadena. The shows will be Feb 1-3 and tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m.

2. Contrary to the SignOnSanDiego teaser about Lady Sovereign, she is not "back at the House of Blues for the second time in three months". Her other show here was cancelled because she brokedown. Maybe she'll breakdown again when she finds out that even when the same tickets had 3 more months to sell, they were still offered for 2 for Tuesdays on the HoB site, whick means you could buy 2 Lady Sov tickets for the low price of $13 (plus $999 in rip-off HoB service charges). I've mentioned that I had a nightmare with "Love Me Or Hate Me" as the soundtrack, so there is no question that I will NOT be at the show tonight. That's what I get for repeatedly watching The Bad Girls Club on the Oh! Network. But how can I resist? It's only like the best reality show EVER!

3. Cool Merch watch: Vena Cava has the best shirts ever. (after you click the link, scroll down for t-shirt demonstration)

4. My lovely amigo Troy Johnson has been blogging lately. Check it out here.

Last night brought the long awaited arrival of Tim Pyles' Anti-Monday League. I feel like I've been helping to promote the hell out of this show, so if people didn't show up, I was gonna take it personal. To my surprise, not only did people show, but it was pretty crowded. Definitely more people than I ever remember at Poprocks. I hadn't really even paid attention at the hodgepodge lineup until I was at the show. The Strikers are metal-cum-psychobilly and were pretty damn good and got the few of us who showed up early lubed for a night of good music. The bassist played a standup bass ("painted like the Batmobile" according to Jason) and as they played their version of Wooly Bully, he proceeded to hump his bass in that jackhammer way that is a nightmare to all women and resurrects bad flashbacks of college. Or maybe that's just me. Nonetheless, I thought they put on a good show and if the fast hard rock stuff is your cup of tea, you should check them out on Saturday at Dream Street.

By the time Fifty took the stage, more people had arrived though it really was a testament more to the fact that everyone loves Tim and wanted to support his endeavors more than anything else. Everyone who matters was at the show. That was a joke. Really. But it was cool to see all the people who turned up...Bart Mendoza, Troy Johnson, Edgartronic, O from Reeve Oliver, Irwin of Irwin's Conspiracy, ChickRawker, CatDirt & CDWife (after Timberlake, of course), the SDSC crew of Neil, Rodney, and Jason, Laura Jane (host of the upcoming Indie Music Fest), Mel, Nick and Adrian of Republic of Letters, MC Flow, and whoever that awesome guy was that bought me a drink at the end of the night. I didn't catch his name but he gets the gold star. I know there were a bunch of other local musicians represented but I don't know all of 'em.

Anyway, Fifty did their thing and the sound was loud but the vox still audible which to me, makes or breaks their shows. The crowd seemed genuinely into the music and you would've been hard pressed to find anyone there who wasn't enjoying themselves. FOTH brand of Pistols inspired punk is fun and energizing and it's always funny to see Junior try to work out a new place for him to climb while onstage.

I escaped to a pool table for a few games with Nick until Vinyl Radio started. I have no journalistic integrity because I love these guys so there definitely might be a conflict of interest, but I was a fan first and friend second so I can still say that I love Matt's onstage presence and the blues driven classic rock feel of their material. I mentioned that I've heard the new recordings and the forthcoming album is gonna be strong. Morgan Young filled in on drums (not the dude from Brian Jonestown Massacre as reported here) and I know that the band wishes he were a permanent fixture. Their quest to find a permanent drummer continues.

Following along? That is psychobilly to punk to rock. This had me concerned because I really liked what I'd heard of Peter and The Wolf, but didn't think the crowd would stick around for folkie indie music. And more or less, I was right. Maybe it was because it was Monday night, maybe people didn't want the change of pace, or maybe that the band isn't local made them easier to dismiss, but I am glad I stuck around for their performance.

I had heard tracks from Peter and the Wolf from a radio broadcast and was expecting a guy and a chick with a guitar and maybe a single snare or something. In no way was I prepared for 8 guys taking the stage, all with various improvised instruments. The singer fronted with a duct taped guitar. I didn't notice any other traditional instruments. One guy played a bicycle rim and the spokes with a drumstick. One guy played a six pack of empty beer bottles in their little cardboard carrier with a drumstick. There were pots and pans and lids and spatulas and shakers and all kinds of random stuff. I felt like I was watching the indie rock version of Stomp without the lame interpretive dance. Unfortunately the crowd thinned out and it seemed there were more people onstage than in the crowd, but those of us paying attention were stoked by what we saw. The band would've benefitted from a more indie billing, I think, like with Kite Flying Society or similar, but for their first show in SD, I hope they felt the trip was worthwhile.

That's all I've got for now. New calendar to be posted later.


catdirt said...

it's also a testament to fifty on their heels dedicated fans! we love you guys! wait? did i just read that troy started a blog...

Action Jackson said...

that's a bummer more people didn't stick around for Red (peter and the wolf). and just a small correction. that was at least his 4th show in S.D. The Vision of a Dying World played with him at Gelat Vera and The Silent Comedy has played a couple shows with him down here.

Action Jackson said...

i think once again this helps to illustrate a point that i agreed with on cat dirt a little while ago... local music here often (usually?) does better for a venue.

Perfik said...

I love Peter and the Wolf, going to go see him up here in LA tomorrow. He tours over 150 dates a year and when I talked to him a while back he was just excited to be playing The Casbah. Perhaps if he was not the headlining act then people would have been "forced" into staying. It's funny, because in LA it is the opposite, people come for the National acts, the local ones always get shit on!

Rosemary Bystrak said...

I stand corrected on my "first show" comment. My bad.