Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rob Crow In-Store!

This news from M-Theory:

Rob Crow In-Store 1/27 @ 3pm at the Mission Hills Store!

Pinback's own (and a million other great indie bands for that
matter) Rob Crow has a new solo record out on Tues 1/23rd. As opposed to some of his other solo output where the songs were a bit more varied in genre styles,
this new record really does sound like a lost Pinback record. With Rob's
signature vocal styling and melodic guitar hooks, it's instantly recognizable to
Pinback fans and will attract those not so familiar with his involvment in the
band. In other words, it kicks ass!

We're proud to announce an in-store performance
to promote the new CD on Sat. Jan 27th @ 3pm at the Mission Hills store.
Additionally, we have a limited supply of autographed Ladies CDs, free with
pre-order/purchase of Rob's new solo record. Ladies is another project Rob was
in recently that involved a collaboration with Zach Hill (from Hella). Mark it
down. Pre-order the CD. See you on the 27th!

Also, Rob Crow & Friends will be performing at the Casbah on February 14.

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