Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 Days at the Durango Songwriter's Expo (The Prequel)

Question: What do you do if you are laid off from your temp job, and still haven't found a suitable place to work? Also, your rent is due on Saturday, you just over-drafted, and your car is making a funny noise? Answer: The DURANGO SONGWRITERS EXPO.

Okay, maybe that's not the most responsible way to go, but I've posted my resume all over the internet, and I'm tired of using all of these website's stupid "Convenient Job Applications" that take FOREVER to load, and then use some sort of aged java that makes me enter my stuff four times, and then tell me that my resume is "incomplete" or some shit. (Sorry mom... i'm just upset.)

So when Bob Leggett of "Shout It Out Promotions" asked if I'd cover the expo for SDDIALEDIN, I felt like maybe it would be a great escape from these time consuming applications. (Nobody ever calls me anyways... I mean... how many baristas at starbucks have their master's degree...)

This year, some of my favorite writer's and good friends are being showcased. Chuck Cannon, who has been extremely influential and a great encouragement, has written tons of hit songs for Toby Keith and other artists. I met him at LeStats when I opened for him about a year ago. (Gregory Page also played that show, and KILLED!) Chuck introduced me to Shawn Mullins a few months later, and then Shawn had me open for him about a month ago. (His song "Lullaby" was one of the reasons I started writing songs.) there will also be performances from Paul Overstreet, Glen Phillips, Bill Champlin, Danny Myrick, Ken Johnson, Andi Zack, Tim Fagan and many more!

I'm very interested in what I will learn in the panels on writing, publishing, and royalties. While I feel I've learned most of what I need to know at "North by North Park"- (AKA: the North Park Music Thingy) It will be interesting to see what the rest of the world has to say about the music industry.

Look for more posts this week, until then, check out this video of Chuck Cannon!

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