Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunset Sessions: The Makepeace Brothers February 18, 2011

Friday morning of Sunset Sessions kicked off with an interview and performance by Cas Haley, a rural Texas boy who came in second place on America's Got Talent. We followed that with a performance by Laura Jansen, but since she was playing a keyboard that was plugged directly into the mixer, I didn't bother filming. It wasn't until The Makepeace Brothers that I decided I'd capture all of the sessions on my own.

The Makepeace Brothers are Ciaran and Finian and seriously, everything about them is adorable. They are 2 of 4 brothers, their last name is really Makepeace (their parents legally changed their names in the 70s), and they finish each other's sentences. They are originally from Ithaca but now call Venice home, and you can tell the beach influences their free spirited music.

In their interview, they talked about their work with a charity to stop sex slavery in the US and internationally and how that has lead them to get involved with several other charities. Their next performance in San Diego, in fact, will be at the post-run celebration for the Chelsea's Light Foundation on March 5th, and then in Oceanside for a Feeding The Soul event on March 26. You can tell these guys come from good stock ("growing up, we sang because we didn't have TV") and some lucky girls are gonna snatch them up and make lots and lots of babies.

In the session, they performed two songs.The first was "Breaking Down These Walls" which I loved.

Then they played "Wake Up" which was sweet but I wasn't quite so in love with because for one, there are too many "oooh-ooh-oohs" for my taste, and two, that's the guitar lick from Sublime's "Santeria", isn't it? Still, these boys are a-ok in my book and I'm sure with the help of their friend Jason Mraz, you'll see and hear them everywhere one day.

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