Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunset Sessions: Photo Gallery, February 18-19, 2011

What a wild weekend. Sunset Sessions is over, now I will deal with the file aftermath and try and get all of my videos uplodaded and titled and appropriately tagged. Hmmm, maybe now I know a job for my potential intern to tackle? Looks like I'll see if Matt is up for the job. In the meantime, this is a gallery of some of my photos over the course of the weekend. Just in case it doesn't work, you can click here to see my whole album. Not sure why the photos are all out of order, but it's 4 am and I really can't care enough right now to figure out the problem.

I do wanna say briefly that it was an incredible weekend. I overslept on Friday (after the late night SoundDiego Live show at Anthology), and miraculously Mike Beebe was available and able to get me downtown in a matter of minutes, so HUGE thanks to him because it ended up being an awesome day. I saw so many cool bands both with showcases and in the Live with studioI room that we were shooting for SoundDiego and KPRI FM, so huge thanks to both for letting me be a part of all the action. I'm sorry I'm just doing shout outs, but there were so many great people, among them Eric from NBC, Chris Cantore, Scheff, Peggy Calhoun, Bob Hughes, Haley, Magi, Kim, Madison, Producer Sean, and everyone else at KPRI, and Jeff for coming through for the ride home. It was also really fun hanging out with Cary Brothers, Josh & Surfer Blood (despite the nuttiness), Fred and Jodi Buc, Gabo, all my new twitter friends, Lynn for taking my CD, and Kyle Cook (pictured above) amazing to meet everyone and I am in complete awe and totally inspired. Above everything, thanks to all the bands that let me shoot and thanks to Michele Clark for having our crew and anything I can do with the new sessions...well, let me know. Oh, and finally, thanks to Bushwalla for saving us and jumping the battery in a matter of seconds. That guy rocks.

In this photoset, there are pictures of Cas Haley, KD Lang (during soundcheck), Laura Jansen, The Makepeace Brothers, Mike Mills (REM), Mads Langer, The Wood Brothers, Sia, Ximena Sarinana, Samuel Beam (Iron & Wine), The Belle Brigade, Everest, Nicole Atkins, John Waite & Kyle Cook, April Smith and the Great Picture Show, The Alternate Routes, Scars on 45, Cody Beebe and the Crooks, Crystal Bowersox, Vanessa Carlton, Stevie Nicks, Bushwalla, So & So, and Incan Abraham.

now i sleep. hopefully all. day. long.


Jools said...

Nice photoset but I couldn't see kd lang amongst the photos.

mikebeebe said...

you're very time I'm crashing that party ;)

Rosemary Bystrak said...

I think there might be a 100 photo limit in the slideshow. If you click "go to album" it should let you see all the photos. I'm trying to redo the slideshow to cut out some of the extraneous photos.