Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunset Sessions: KD Lang, 2.18.2011

I see that a lot of people are landing on my site through KD Lang's fan page, but I just have too many photos and they're making the rest of my site go haywire, so instead, I'll just post the two photos I snapped.

KD Performed on Friday, February 18 at Sunset Sessions during the evening music session. We arrived early Friday and unlike other seminars or conventions, the resort felt oddly empty. I'd estimate that attendance is somewhere in the range of 500 including all of the bands, but not everyone stays the full weekend and many just attend the live music sessions while skipping the panels that take place in a smallish room that could probably hold 100 or so people. So I didn't really know the lay of the land or where and what we could do, so after some of our interviews, I heard KD Lang's voice coming through the halls. I went to this side area and caught her soundchecking with her band, with a few people scattered. Nobody really told me I couldn't be there, but where in my former life if I didn't have a pass and was just sneaking around, I'd go anywhere, now that I have NBC on my badge, there are certain rules I don't wanna break, so I watched her sing from a side door, snapped a couple pics, and was on my way.

Leter that evening she performed, but we were doing more sessions and trying to get things uploaded and whatnot, so I missed it, but I could hear through the hall and from what I could tell, the crowd was in total awe. I heard her sing "Contant Craving" and "Hallelujah" but am not really sure what else she performed. I regret not seeing her performance, as I surely would've shot some video, too. My bad, for sure.

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kennedyflair said...

It's a shame you missed k.d., but thanks for posting the photos, much appreciated by k.d.s fans ;) (as you can tell)