Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunset Sessions: Vanessa Carlton & Stevie Nicks, 2.19.2011

The internet is amazing, isn't it? I uploaded about 40 videos from Sunset Sessions, and was planning on going back to title all the videos (or con Matt the potential intern into doing it, aka Matt PI), and I wake up to find that 41 people have already watched my video of Vanessa Carlton and Stevie Nicks. How did they even find it titles 8471 or whatever? I dunno. Regardless, I've added more titles and it's pretty obvious that Vanessa Carlton has some ravenous fans because they're eating them up.

The story: On Saturday, Stevie Nicks appeared at Sunset Sessions as she moderated an album preview, Q&A and listening party, and meet and greet. We were busy recording a session, but decided to head down at the end to try and get some photos. I wasn't particularly interested in meeting Stevie Nicks. There are some music idols, I suppose, that you don't wanna meet...I'd rather keep whatever notion I have of her in my brain, and especially since I hadn't been in for the session. Just didn't feel right. But I was watching my tweetdeck in real time and enjoying all the tweets about Stevie.

Hours later, after the evening session finished, everyone moved up to the dinner ballroom for some bands and a buffet. I kept my eyes on the live search and started seeing buzzings that Stevie Nicks was soundchecking with Vanessa Carlton. After dinner I had to make sure I unloaded my cameras to my laptop in the office, but told Peggy and made sure she did her best to get us seats up close. I walked in after one or two songs and found that Peggy had the very front and center sofa. There was some anticipation as people had pretty much figured out (or looked at the tweetwall) and knew the "surprise" was Stevie Nicks. Here are the videos I shot. Apologies that "I Don't Wanna Be A Bride" isn't the full song, I started recording late. These videos are in reverse order, except "Carousel" which ended the set.


"I Don't Wanna Be A Bride"


"A Thousand Miles"

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Vivienne said...

Oh love it! So nice to have a video of the Carousel duet. The story Stevie tells before the song is precious. I embedded your video on my website. Everyone will so appreciate it!