Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Durango Songwriter's Expo - Day 1

Tonight was mainly a showcase of artists from all across the US playing 1 song a piece. What I learned in the first minute is that it's not about the artist at this convention... it's about the song. Many of the writers seemed nervous to be showcasing, but all were definitely talented. Of those who performed tonight the ones who stood out to me included:

Sierra Reeves - Santa Barbara
Nicolette Hayford - Nashville
Rob Drabkin - Denver
Dawnie Love - New York
Mike Moran - San Diego
Andrea Landis - Los Angeles
Dustin Christensen - Salt Lake City
Gayle Day - Los Angeles
Katrin Roush - Boston
Carl Schwizer - Utah

There is a 10:00 open mic that will probably be filled up pretty quickly, but so far everyone seems to be having a great time and the networking has been cool. I'm interested to see how tomorrow's pitch session will go and what the writers have to say about the songs that will be submitted.

That's all for now. Sorry if it's pretty boring, but check out these songwriters and see if you like em!

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