Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cee-Lo Contest Winners Announced

Over the weekend, I had a lot of fun with my contest for Cee-Lo tickets. I did get criticism that only the people I hung out with had the opportunity to win, but that actually wasn't true at all. I hit about 10 different places over the weekend, mostly on my own, from the zoo, to the Indigo Hotel, to URBN, The Station, Casbah, Anthology, House of Blues and more. The point was to give tickets to people who actually GO OUT and for people who follow me on Twitter and Foursquare to pay attention. Some of you did. Most did not.

That being said, thanks to all of you who straight-faced told me the name of Cee-Lo's big summer hit. to my face. I've never had so much fun being cursed at. Congratulations to Jenny P. and Victor S. You both won a pair of tickets and I'll be calling you to get them in your hot little hands.

If you didn't win tickets, here's more info about the Cee-Lo show this Thursday at FLUXX, and you can still buy tickets here. Prices go up the day of show, so don't wait!

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