Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Things To Do In San Diego: February 8, 2011

I stayed home last night. If my memory serves me correct, it was the first night since getting back home from NAMM that I stayed home. Maybe not. I dunno really. But I wanted to make sure I was all caught up on all fronts (read: 345 email) because my brother, sister-in-law, and my nephew all arrived in town last night, so hopefully I'll get as much time with them as possible, since it's been over a year since I've seen my little Gabriel. Expect my tweets to be that of a gushing tia and less of a nighttime party girl. I still have a lot of posting to catch up on, and some announcements and such to get out, too, so hopefully I can still bust some of those out.

Tuesday February 8, 2011:

  • Eli "Paperboy" Reed, Jared Lee, The Amandas @ Casbah
  • Ladycop, Lights On, One Trick Pony, Lanterns @ Soda Bar
  • John Paul Whipple, Old Devis @ Tin Can
  • Local Brews Local Grooves: David Dewes, The Hit On List, Landis, The New Assembly, The Goomies @ House of Blues
  • 52nd Street (Billy Joel Tribute Band) @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Laugh Out Loft @ The Loft
  • Green Decade Presents: SIN Night w/ Rightjahs Blend @ Winston's
  • Circa Now, UBUV @ Ruby Room
  • Haste The Day, Mychildren Mybride, The Chariot, A Plea For Purging, City Delivered @ Soma
  • Tommy Price & The Stilettos @ Henry's Pub
  • Darkwave Garden @ Club Kadan
  • Voice of The Wetlands All Stars, Mike Zito @ Anthology
  • Nena Anderson @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Train of Thought @ Queen Bee's
  • Mattson 2 @ El Dorado
  • Matt Commerce @ Hennessey's PB
  • Sketchy Black Dog feat. Misha Piatigorsky @ Dizzy's
  • Cowboy Jack @ Hennessey's Carlsbad
  • Comedy Night @ Lestat's
  • Paradise feat. Michele Lundeen @ Patrick's ll
  • Dave Booda Acoustic @ Tiki House
  • Tomcat Courtney @ La Gran Tapa
  • Friends Chill @ Whistle Stop
  • Doug Allen, Suzy Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Karaoke @ Cafe La Maze
  • Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln @ Valley View Casino
  • Mike Gardner @ Cheers (Ramona)
  • A Rotterdam November, Everyday Sunday @ The Rock Church
  • Ron's Duo @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill

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