Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another reason to go to TNT & House Of Blues Tonight

If you stay home, chances are you'll end up staying home watching the premiere of 8:00 p.m. Fast Cars & Superstars on CBS. In case you forgot, this is the show that pairs celebrities with stock car racing's most popular drivers to compete against each other in a real race. Some of those celebrities include Jewel, Serena Williams, and William Shatner. Just a question...can you name a 'popular stock car driver' off the top of your head?

Instead, head to the Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown for TNT (Thursday Night Thing):
Surprise Party: Join us for a TNT where nothing is what it seems. Taking its cue from the witty and often humorous work of Cerca Series artist William Feeney, TNT will explore the surprising and unexpected hidden in the everyday. Join the artist in the galleries as he speaks about his work. Then stay for an unconventional assortment of entertainment in the Outdoor Gallery (including standup comics), plus live music by Kite Flying Society, Swim Party, and DJ Contractor.
TNT starts at 7pm and there's a $3 suggested donation.

After, catch Thao Nguyen in the Get Down Stay Down at the House of Blues Sidestage. They always say the shows are at 8, but they have to clear the restaurant first, so they usually start around 10pm. The show is $5.

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