Thursday, June 28, 2007

Avenue Q: Get Your Half Priced Tickets

I wish I posted this when more tickets were available, but alas, if you have not done so already from my past urging, you should really sign up for GoldStar Events. They have lots of discounted activities in San Diego, regularly having discounted Padres games, discounted GoCar tours, and this week, discounted theatre tickets.

The Tony Award winning
Avenue Q is playing at Spreckels from June 30th to August 5th. What more can you ask for than a puppet show with wildly inappropriate sexual content? Sesame Street for grown-ups. Anyway, I got seats in the terrace for 12 bucks! If you were gonna see it, you might as well get the discount. Dates and seats are limited so get on it.

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Reelmandy said...

Thanks for the tip, I got mine today!