Monday, June 18, 2007

Habitat House goes on Hiatus: Show Some Respect

I thought this was an important message from Roy from Habitat House that is worthy of republishing. The amount of house parties has sprung up and maybe San Diego is getting away with it because the shortage of cops just can't handle all the bars, all the parties, and the regular traffic/crime in the city, but take advantage and lose privileges. That's the way it goes. Show some respect when people open their houses to you and they might continue to open their doors. If not, you'll get other notices like the one below.

Hi All,

Last night's Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, The Donkeys, Greenbelt Collective, ok vancouver ok show was certainly the biggest Habitat show ever. In fact, it was a little too big! We have run into some issues with one particular neighbor that is going to put a damper on things for awhile.

The crux of the matter has to do with people out front, talking, yelling, and being generally loud. When this goes on past 10 or 11pm it becomes a problem for the neighbor across 21st who has work in the mornings (weekends included). He also pointed out to me a spot where 2 people seemed to have relieved themselves on his property. This is totally unacceptable. And apparently, it's not the first time he has been disturbed in this way.

To create some peace, I'm cancelling our two July shows. I have plans to do a big show in September and don't want to threaten that. We'll have one show in August.

It will be very important from now on that the outdoors lingering be kept to a minimum. You can smoke and chat lightly on the porch, but I'm going to have to enforce a policy of not galavanting into the street and so forth. And, obviously, please refrain from pissing anywhere but the toilet. There are two in the house for your use.

The extremity of the situation last night mainly had to do with the shear mass of the crowd that came out. So I'm going to try to temper that in the future by being careful about who is booked. Bigger bands... you'll have to play elsewhere. sorry.

If there is another problem like the one we had last night, I will only have one option: discontinuing all house shows at The Habitat. I'm sure nobody wants that, so help me out and enforce these rules on yourself, your friends, and strangers who may not know any better.

Thanks for understanding,


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