Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CityBeat Letter to the Editor

This is just a little link for my sister. If you remember, I contributed my choices for my top 6 summer concert choices for CityBeat a couple weeks ago but after reading the intro that Troy wrote, my sister was like, "Oh great, now people are gonna think I like the Pussycat Dolls." So I wrote a clarification and it's published in today's CityBeat. Sorry, sister.

Not the Dolls! The Girls!
My sister is (jokingly) pissed. I recommended the "Six summer concerts not to be missed" for CityBeat's Summer Guide ["Cover Story," May 23]. Troy Johnson says of me, "She'll also openly pine for tickets to… the Pussycat Dolls (for her little sister, or so she writes)." Even I have limits. My 29-year-old little sister would like to keep her reputation intact and clarify the it was the Cheetah Girls I was pining for, and they were for my 8-year-old god-sister Claudia, not the Dolls and not for Christy.Thank you for allowing me to clarify, and see you at the shows.

Rosey Bystrak,

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Unknown said...

We really missed Jake doing the sound :(

Jake, you rule man.

I have never seen that sound man at the Casbah, and there were some issues with the mix but just the keys on Dusty's side.... we have a lot of instruments going on at one time.

All in all, I was greatly fulfilled with the performance and friendlies hanging out enjoying the groove and love playing with the Mods.

Many great tunes, shows and tours to come.

~ Andrew