Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pimp My Show: Menomena and All Smiles @ Casbah, 6/14/07

This is from a press release for All Smiles and I wouldn't repost it if I didn't agree. I'll be at the show on Thursday night at the Casbah and I recommend your attendance as well.
Leaving Grandaddy behind, guitarist Jim Fairchild emerges newly ordained as All Smiles and he’s teaming up with Menomena for a tour of indie-epic proportions! Buoyed by the well-received Ten Readings Of A Warning - available now and featuring Danny Seim of the aforementioned Menomena - there is proof enough that little talent was lost in translation.
I'm a fan of the CD for sure and its gotten some good wear in the past few weeks.

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Check out a video of "Moth In A Cloud of Smoke" here:

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