Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wilco Pre-Sale Is Closed For SDSU Open Air Theatre

So hopefully you logged on at 10 on the dot and got your tickets. I got a pair ($85.30 for two with service charge and shipping which I forgot to change) but am hoping one of my friends in the pit will sell me one of theirs and then I'll unload mine. (Nick Montes, I'm talking to you! Think Battles!) Personally, I like the OAT so I think this will be a great show. How did you all fare?

And for Daye, according to the 2004 "Buildings and Ground Use" manual from San Diego State University, the capacity for the Open Air Theatre is 4,635, though I think this might not include the bleacher/garden seating that is sometimes added at the top.


eric said...

success! we got 3 tickets in the middle of section CC. it's not pit, but she'll do just fine.

maybe we'll grab dinner at ponce's before since it comes so highly recommended.

Unknown said...

i would be more than happy to take photographs again. hopefully you wont mind im 6th row center. i get a nosebleed just thinking of sitting that far from the stage.

Daye619 said...

4600+ seating capacity @ the OAT? Wow thats a lot Rosey. Are you sure? I swear 2500 max. Whatev's. Andi & I are sitting in Section DDD Row 2 Seats 3 & 4. Just take Zee's other ticket. She has section BBB.