Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summertime Fun

Here's the truth. Other than going to work, I've been a hermit this week. I haven't been to a show since Friday, or done anything, for that matter, other than watch bad reality tv (though I have to admit that I love the Ex-Wives Club). Part of it is watching my budget, part of it is just being lazy, and part of it is this damn vertigo that makes me have random dizzy spells for no reason and doesn't seem to go away with meds. Turns out no amount of staying in or sleep has made that any better, so I'm sucking it up and I'll be back on the town tonight and back to my picture posts, but in the meantime, some blog rambling because I'm feeling it today.

Tomorrow is the official start of summer and despite San Diego not having any real "seasons", it doesn't mean that there aren't significant changes all around us that let us know that summer has arrived...people coming in to work on a Monday have a little more glow to their skin (or a burn if they didn't pack on the sunscreen), in the air there's the evening smell of grills...not for any special occasion, just the preferred method of cooking by many, and other signs of summer are all around.

I got a newsletter today from Henry's Marketplace with their weekly specials and one of my favorite signs of summer is here: sweet white corn. Growing up, my Tata (that's grandpa to you white folk) had a little farm off Sweetwater Road, behind Plaza Bonita, and he'd grow watermelon and corn. In the summer, we would take the outer husks off the corn, pull out the worms (non pesticide farming), then pull back up the protective husks and sell his juicy white corn a dollar a dozen. The watermelons were equally as sweet and juicy and families that we sold to would call off the hook wondering when the first batches were available.

Those were fun times growing up and San Diego still has plenty to offer in the way of memory making. Whether you're from here or a newcomer, don't take for granted all the splendors that San Diego has to offer. We spent summers going to the farm, taking my Tata to the Del Mar Racetrack, going to the beach, going to the zoo, going to see the Padres...all the things that can still be done today and can be done well, and on the cheap, too. I'll try to highlight some cool stuff around town in addition to all the music stuff. In the meantime, get out San Diego...we don't pay a sunshine tax for nothin'!

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