Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Newsy Bits: Music at Rileys, Hensley's Opening, SS Pre-sale, etc.

If you were at the Casbah last night, you probably weren't at the John Mayer/ Ben Folds/ Rocco DeLuca and The Burden show. This blogger was. You can also look on John Mayer's website for the setlist. Having seen John Mayer at the Belly Up before he sorta blew up, I imagine this setlist was ideal for people who are still fans.
Andrew Bernhart of Swedish Models commented in response to my recap, but since he commented on the wrong post, I thought I'd repost his comment here:

We really missed Jake doing the sound :(

Jake, you rule man.

I have never seen that sound man at the Casbah, and there were some issues with the mix but just the keys on Dusty's side.... we have a lot of instruments going on at one time.

All in all, I was greatly fulfilled with the performance and friendlies hanging out enjoying the groove and love playing with the Mods.

Many great tunes, shows and tours to come.~ Andrew

I'm kinda burying this information because I'm selfish and don't want everyone and their mother knowing about this, but Street Scene presale tickets will be onsale this Friday at 10 am
here. A two-day presale ticket will run you $93. These tickets will likely be significantly cheaper than tickets will be after the lineup is announced, so it's a matter of blind faith here. Last year, 2-day presale tickets sold for about $65 if I remember correctly, but by festival time, tickets were $75 a day. There better be some damn good bands.

I also forgot to mention that I had a conversation about the local music stage and was told that the original plan was to have a fully dedicated local stage for both days of the festival. Now, it turns out, the stage will probably be a shared stage, reserved for locals the first part of each day. This means that the number of local bands who will be invited to play will be cut in half. Instead of a roster of 15-18 bands in two days, there were probably only be 6-10.


From a MySpace bulletin: Hensley's Flying Elephant Pub and Grill is now open, so come on in and have a pint and have some really good food and play some pool!!!!Located off the I5 Tamarack ave exit. (850 Tamarack Avenue, carlsbad ca. 92008) Matt will be playing an acoustic set with Ned Giblin (of tom giblins pub) this friday night, so come on down and have a pint and listen to some good tunes!


If you don't know Laura Jane, you should. She's a huge fan of music, a performer and entertainer, and just a cool person to know. She's now heading up booking bands at Riley's, where she is the current host of Karaoke nights. Riley's is a bar attached to the Quality Inn in Point Loma (2901 Nimitz Blvd.). I've been to karaoke and it's a fun, spacious bar, and if you're a band that brings a lot of friends, this would be a good place for you.

Here's LJ's message:

There are new owners who appreciate music, and they want some assistance in
the booking dept. I'd like to help more local bands play there. Headliners get paid. Opening acts get practice. You can sell merch and will be promoted. There's a big stage, a huge dance floor, lots of seats, pool tables, darts, big ass bar. There's no sound-person, you gotta byo - but they do have 2 15" mains you can use already there.

Riley's Live music schedule:
Wed- swing/rock-a-billy
Fri/Sat - rock/alt/punk/funk/R&B/ska/blues/jazz

If you are interested in booking there, contact Laura Jane through her myspace page.


That's all for news...ciao for now.

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Reelmandy said...

We just booked a show with her today! Its going to be this coming Monday--tentatively Molly Jensen, Joel P. West, Miniature Soap (from LA) and some amazing unnamed artist from Rhode Island. Should be a blast, I'll let you know when I've got all the details.