Monday, June 25, 2007

Dialed In in the U-T

I don't really know how to write about being in the Union Tribune without sounding like a doofus so I'm just gonna put the link here, say that I had a list of many San Diego favorite bands and not all of them got a mention, and the quotes make me cringe a little bit because they basically do make me sound like a dork. Whatever. Just know that when my dad read the picture caption (Rosemary in her "native habitat: the Ken Club" it was a moment of pride, and a family friend was glad to read the article because apparently she thought I had a sad life as a single girl and was some sort of shut in, like a spinster-in-training. Glad to know they can stop worrying. Thanks for all the kind comments and emails about the article. It really does mean a lot to me.


Unknown said...

Rosey, what a great feature. Congratulations!

lyn said...

i don't think you sounded like a dork. stop being hard on yoursef and just enjoy your moment in the sun.

mattvr said...

thanks so much for doing what you do. us local band folk really appreciate the fine work you're doing. you're a mench.