Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday Fun at The Moose Lodge

Because The National show was canceled, I decided it was a good night to take a breather. I met with Sophie (known as CDW on CatDirtSez) and we headed to Moose Lodge No. 508 in Golden Hill. Sophie and Scott are members and last year had a few shows at the lodge. Unable to make those shows, this was my first time there, as you have to be a member or a guest of a member. It's an average building with a family atmosphere. It was burger night so there were a couple full tables of people sitting around shooting the shit, playing cards or pool, and enjoying the "fraternel setting". We sat in the bar where there was a kid there running amuck as his mother enjoyed her cocktails in the smoking patio. The bartender kept trying the kid to get out of the room by telling him "the ABC says you can't be in here." Obviously the kid had no idea why he kept mentioning the ABCs. We were enjoying the "Moose Lodge Pale Ale" which sells for $4.50 for a 48 oz. pitcher. Did you read that correct? Yes. Four Dollars and fifty cents for three pints of beer. We shot the shit, met a couple other members, watched the Padres game and as the night got later, the crowd dwindled to nothing. The little kid, maybe 4, finished off his Dr. Pepper in his bottle and he left with his mother. A man was next to us for a while enjoying white zin in a pint glass which he sucked through a straw. I still am not sure what the whole point is, supposedly they do community service projects and whatnot, but it is definitely an inviting environment to chill and not be bothered. As 10:45 rolled around, Cece complained about having been there all day and "asked" us to wrap it up, so we finished our beers and were on our way. I left satisfied and mellow and knowing that it won't be long before I become a Moose.

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Natalie said...

$4.50 for a pitcher of beer is a damn good deal...until I remember that in undergrad (Penn State!), my Friday night drink of choice was a pitcher of Barcardi and Coke. Which I paid $5.50 for during happy hour, and then was set for the evening.

God, sometimes I do miss living in the boonies.

Unknown said...

Please come back and visit.. It is a cool place to drink and shoot the shit,......and mostly drink... CHEAP. I've been a member for almost 15 years and it is my home away from home ( I live in Texas) when I return to visit SD.

P. Burge