Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Newsy Bits: Starlite Lounge, Wilco, Red Pony Clock, Lou's Records, Lovedrug

Starlite Lounge "Unofficially" Open

I planned on going to the Starlite Lounge, taking some pictures, and writing it all up, but looks like Street beat me to it. It'll still get the Rosey treatment, but for now, just the basic info: Starlite Lounge is the new bar/restaurant owned by Tim Mays (Casbah), Matt Hoyt, Travis Murphy (chef) & Steve Poltz (Musician). The Starlite is located at 3175 India Street, just a way down from the Aero Club (a couple blocks before the Aero on one-way India St.)

Tickets for Wilco's show in San Diego at the Open Air Theatre on August 27 supposedly (according to FM 94/9) go onsale this Saturday at 10 am through Ticketmaster. As yet, their site has not been updated to reflect this onsale and no pre-sale has been posted on their site so check back often.
Red Pony Clock Seeks Drummer

From the band:
Our Fill-In drummer just bailed and once again we're looking for someone to go on tour with us!!! Yikesies!!! If anyone's interested in learning 15 or so songs in a months notice, and then going on tour for 6 weeks, LET US KNOW!!! We are nice people and you will have fun!!! We will be eternally grateful!!! Tell your drummer friends!!!
Love always,
Gabe & the gang

Another Blog For San Diego

Every week another blog joins the fun and I say it's about time. A couple weeks ago, Tim Pyles launched his new "portal" for all things Pyles and now this week, Lou's records has launched a blog. Links for both have been added to my local links.
Lovedrug Trailer Stolen and Set On Fire

Many people are reposting this through MySpace, but I can't mention enough how many bands get their vans, trailers, and equipment stolen when they're on the road. Unfortunately, Lovedrug's trailer was recovered and was burnt to a crisp. Anyway, maybe you caught Lovedrug when they played San Diego with Sparta. If you'd like to donate to help them out, click here.

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