Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday Recap: Once, The Movie

Back in May, I posted this about the movie Once and have been meaning to see it ever since. The desire to see the film only increased after getting the soundtrack. Last night, I finally saw the movie and it lived up to and exceeded my expectations. It's a film about a troubadour in Ireland who meets a Czech woman and how they help each other out of the kinda funk that both their lives have fallen into, primarily due to lost loves in each of their pasts. The film is described as a musical, but it's not a musical in the traditional sense of the word. The lyrics of the title character's (played by Glen Hansard of The Frames) music pull the story along, and instead of a traditional soundtrack where pieces of music are inserted, this film does play every song on the soundtrack in its entirety. I laughed, and I sniffled a little, but no major tears. Most of all, though, I grew an even deeper appreciation for the amazing soundtrack.

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“Falling Slowly” audio

“If You Want Me” audio

“When Your Mind's Made Up” audio

I will say for the record, that I really don't imagine myself going to the movie theatre EVER AGAIN, or at least not for a long time. I went to a 10 pm showing, the theater was empty except for two girls sitting toward the back. I sat more in the middle. 3 of us in the theatre, watching the previews, when a group of three people sits in the row in front of me, chomping their food like cattle on cud, talking, laughing, and text messaging throughout the movie. Moving wouldn't have been an option because they were audible throughout the theatre. Would you tell them to stfu? I didn't. They even got up and left halfway through only to return about 10 minutes later. I'll stick to my noisy bars and shows, thanks. The assholes with their snack buffet and chatter and cellphones can have the theatres. Even at Landmark.

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Daye619 said...

One of my favorite films of the year. That soundtrack is all about making babies!