Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Newsy Bits & Random Shit

Just some random stuff from Google today (since I already covered Habitat House and Street Scene):

I came across this good review (with MP3's) of Vinyl Radio.
Check it out.
Anyone remember seeing Zach De La Rocha's band
Inside Out back in the day? After Rage Against the Machine released their first album, he came back and played at the Ché for what was at that point in my life, probably the best show I'd ever been to. Well, I was a little disappointed when I found this San Diego band using the same name. Someone should stop them. I mean, there's a definite market for wedding bands, so I'm not dissing them, but a new name, please?
"Four San Diego girls will be in at Tower City Amphitheater tonight to cash in on their victory in OK Go's "Million Ways" MySpace/YouTube dance contest. Carly Tremblay, Alyssa Schott, Brooke Ellison, Katie Everds will be performing their version of the "Million Ways" dance with the band at the Cleveland show." (From


Last, I mentioned that in the final episode of Entourage, Vince was wearing a Vultures t-shirt. Maybe not San Diego's The Vultures, (there are three pages of bands called The Vultures on MySpace) but a shirt that said the Vultures nonetheless. I actually took a pic of my tv...

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I'm guest blogging at SanDiegoish this week, so check them out for some more stuff from me.

ciao for now...

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