Monday, June 11, 2007

Friday/Saturday Recap: Pocket Utopia, Circa Now!

I'll get to indie jam in a minute, but since it wasn't my whole weekend, I'll start with the first part of my weekend.

My friend Mikey recently told me he's in a band. This made me very nervous, because it's one thing to see a band and become friends with them, it's another entirely to be good friends with someone and then get this kind of information sprung on you. I have to say, I was a little worried because I love my friend and one day would see his band, and what if I thought they sucked? Would I be honest about it, avoid the subject entirely, or just lie?

Fortunately, I saw my friend Mikey's band, Pocket Utopia, on Friday, and not only do they not suck, but they're really fucking good. Like in the way that makes you feel special to even know the person who's voice is singing those smart lyrics and playing that guitar and making your soul leap a little. Mikey sounds a little like Bright Eyes and I like the mix of an acoustic guitar with the electric guitar, bass and drums supporting. The show was at the Triple Crown Pub and for a bar that only serves wine and beer, I couldn't believe how packed wall to wall it was. Circa Now! also played, and I liked them, too, but my pictures came out crappy so all you get is a couple pictures of my dear friend Mikey. I should also mention Joey plays the electric guitar, adds backing vocals, and even sings a few songs on his own. Pocket Utopia has a song called "Rosie" that Mikey dedicated to me, although its really about the Normal Heights bar, Rosie O'Grady's. If you wanna make me gush, just write a song called Rosie. Or Rosey. Or Rosemary. I'm flexible that way.

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When Saturday rolled around, my friend Sara, my sisters and I observed our tradition of lunch at Ponce's, where Mikey tends bar. Then Saturday night came around, I drove to the Casbah only to find my name was not on the list as it was supposed to have been, and decided a night in my local spot would be better anyway. Pocket Utopia and Circa Now! were playing at the Ken Club, so I got to see both for a second time and reinforce my enjoyment. We also after-partied at a friend's house behind Ponce's so it was overall a great night, despite my original plans not really working out. Sometimes the back-up plan ends up just being the better plan.

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