Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Ryan Adams "Easy Tiger" Full Stream

Oh, Ryan, I kinda detected a crush, but I had no idea how much you cared.

"Goodnight, Rose
We are going to win
Put your troubles behind you and go on to bed
Let go of the worry
There's so much nobody understands
Gonna be alive in such a hurry
Life goes by us oh so fast

And the sun will come up, again
Now we'll be here
If you get scared, just hold my hand
Tomorrow is yours
and who knows,
maybe we'll win the whole shebang

Goodnight Rose, Goodnight Rose."

And even though he's skipping San Diego on the tour, you can listen to samples from the album
here. I hate samples, but I like what I'm hearing. For full tracks, listen to "Goodnight Rose", "Tears of Gold", and "The Sun Also Sets". It's like finding a third album for Cold Roses. I don't have to even get past the first song to know I love the album. Cannot wait until Tuesday.

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