Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Newsy Bits: Skull Kontrol, May*Star, 91X, Cops out of Control

I'm a little behind the curve today, but some stuff I thought I'd still mention, even at the risk of duplicating other blogs:
Check out your favorite Skull Kontrol/Art Fag boys in Street this Thursday, or check the Street blog
here. Don't forget about the Skull Kontrol/Cat Dirt Sez event on July 7. CatSkull DirtKontrol. I like it.

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According to the
Reader's Blurt section this week, 91X is slowly moving to a hard rock format. If that is true, I hope the on-air staff has got their resumés together. I'm not wishing ill on any of them, but format changes and new pd's usually eventually like to rebuild a station with a tabula rasa. Try Radio Sophie... the format is a little soft, but in my opinion more progressive than just shadowing KROQ.

Also, check out May in this week's Reader music feature.


A very good friend of mine just had an incident with police harassment and I wasn't going to write about it because it's not my business to evaluate a situation based on one side of the story. But over and over again this blatant abuse of power and authority is broadcast in the YouTube world we live in. Is this cop out of control? He was antagonized and I'm not in his position, but I perceive this as excessive. I guess mostly I just feel people need to lead by example, starting with our Commander In Chief all the way down to Public Servants, clergy, and all the way down to moms and dads. A culture of violence promotes more violence, not less, and "absolute power corrupts absolutely." That said, I got this on MySpace today:

If you'd like to comment on this video, here is the contact information:

Hot Springs Arkansas Police Department
Phone: (501) 321-6789
Fax: (501) 321-6708
Chief of Police, Bobby Southard
641 Malvern Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

(Arresting officer is Officer Joey Williams)


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Unknown said...

Well, it's radio. Never hurts to have your resume ready no matter what situation you're in.

As far as the direction of the'll of course get a big ole "no comment" out of me, but I will say that Ken Leighton never missed an opportunity to flog a dead horse.

Ironically, all the people he disliked at 91X are gone.