Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Newsy Bits: Casiotone, Maná, Girl Talk

Not much in the way of news today, but if you are a local music fan, check out Troy's blog post about HOB San Diego Rocks! night.

Just a couple things for you...

There's an article written about Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in an Athens university paper. Check it out here.
Fans of Rock en Español favorites, Maná, will have to make the trek to LA this year to see the band. The band is touring the US starting August 28, playing places like San Antonio, Phoenix and Houston, and even Fresno gets a stop, but San Diego is skipped altogether. Maná will be in LA for four nights, from September 20 through the 23rd, which rules them out of playing Street Scene. Info available here.

Other "just announced" tours passing San Diego by: Beirut, Ryan Adams, Devendra Banhart, Handsome Furs, Jason Isbell (Drive-by Truckers), The New Year.
A public service announcement from Andrea:

dude... !! The musical mashup genius stylings of Gregg Gillis, aka GIRL TALK is making a stop in San Diego this time! I know you may not care, but it's huge news to a lot of us kids... If anything/one can get your booty a-shakin, Rosemary, Gregg can. And it won't stop shakin for days to come...

For info about Girl Talk's tour, click here.


Unknown said...

z forgot to mention dan deacon opens for girl talk. dd is worth the price of admission alone. this is the most potent one - two punch combo to hit sd since flaming lips/beck. unless lcd/arcade fire play street scene...keep dreaming rosie...when all else fails, hope keeps us going.

andrea said...

Thanks for providing more info, Montes! If I had know Rosey was gonna post my email directly (!), I would've been a little more thorough... :-)