Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday Night Recap: Swedish Models, The Photo Atlas, The Mooney Suzuki, The Long and Short of It

After experiencing a Wednesday that felt like a Monday, I wasn't really in the mood to go out. I was happy in bed and completely unmotivated when Andrea called and twisted my arm with four words that are music to my ears: "I have drink tickets."

We arrived at the Casbah with a few minutes to spare before Swedish Models started. I already know this band is full of talent and love watching them play, but it is great to see them developing their own crowd, this being just their fourth show. It was great standing in the patio after they played and hearing strangers commenting on them positively. SD bloggers were out in full force, so you'll be seeing some great pics of the show on other blogs, so I'm just gonna post a couple with some captured video. Unfortunately, my favorite song from Swedish Models is one that Dusty sings while playing keys called "Victoria Prescott", and he was kinda tucked in the corner without any light really hitting him, but you can just hit play and listen.

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The Photo Atlas was second, but I was engaged in a conversation about Arcade Fire on the patio, so I didn't watch much of their set. They seemed to lean a little more pop punk and thus oddly paired with The Mooney Suzuki, but they were alright. They're playing Warped Tour this summer. Like I said, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention. I think I was a little turned off by the comb-your-hair-forward-over-your-face emo boy haircuts. Seriously, when is that hairstyle going to GO AWAY ?? You can't really tell here cuz he's sweaty but

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The Mooney Suzuki started around 11 and brought their infectious rock n roll and hand claps to the Casbah with a whole bunch of getting the crowd to repeat "Have Mercy" between songs like a southern church. I'm sure bands love the big stage (and the great sound) at Belly Up, but this band seems so much more connected to the audience on a stage like the Casbah's, jumping all over the stage, on amps, and into the crowd. And by the way, for anyone who saw me cleaning up the broken glass, it wasn't mine, the singer broke it by accidentally kicking it off the stage and I just didn't want anyone cut on it. I saw you guys looking at me like I was the culprit, and just wanted to clear the air that I don't need a plastic cup.

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So while The Mooney Suzuki played, I was hanging over near the bar when we notice the singer yelling at some guy in the crowd. Apparently the douchebag made a comment about the band lacking originality ? or something? Anyway, I took a couple snapshots and realized "what am I doing?" These are the moments video capture are made for.

So I'm not really sure how late the Mooney Suzuki played, because I was ready for something a little more hardcore and wanted to go see The Long and Short of It at Chaser's. Andrea and I headed over and got there just as they started. Timing is EVERYTHING.

I'd only been to Chaser's once, and that was just to use the bathroom on a night that the co-ed ones at the Zombie were particularly scuzzy. I wanted to like Chaser's, I really did. I was all ready to talk about how clean the facilities are:

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and how you could pretty much have your own party there because it's big and empty:

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The Long and Short of It seriously rock.

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Unfortunately, some cops apparently stopped by, the door girl overreacted and told them to turn down, and they stopped playing. With a stage like that, the band tried to explain, the instruments have to be up or the drums would be the only thing you hear. The band was pissed and called the show. Then the chick comes back and tells them the cops are gone so they can start playing again. They were not having it.

I know them having bands is a relatively new thing, and maybe it's not disturbing to the hookers of El Cajon Blvd when the music is loud on weekends, but I was really disappointed with the way the venue reacted. Here's an idea, Chaser's: how about closing the freakin front door? Oh, on top of it, Ben told us that the Taste of Silver canceled because they broke up and hour before the show. Nice. Anyway, here's what Brian from The Long and Short of It had to say about it:

So. We're sorry that THE TASTE OF SILVER (ARLINGTON, MASS.) and NAME (BAY AREA, CA.) couldn't get their shit together enough to play the show that our singer, Ben, jumped through hoops to get for them. Good work, guys. If you're going to break up, play the show first, and at least TRY to make some money to get back home, dudes.

Guess wouldn't have mattered anyway. The MAN (cops) would've shut those touring bands down just like WE got shut down last night at CHASERS on El Cajon Blvd.. Good stuff!!!

Thank you SO much to the 15 or 20 people that showed up to see us play 3
songs on a Wednesday night at Chasers. Sorry. I guess we were TOO FUCKING
LOUD!!!, "Way too fucking loud" (cool door girl at chasers thoughts on the
matter) Right .. the front door. It's only 25 minutes.

We decided to stop by the Zombie with a couple of the guys from Demasiado but the Goldfish races were over. We didn't stay long but just said hi to a couple friends. I will mention that Peter was there. If you don't know him, he works at the Ken Club and I think sometimes the California Club. Anyway, next week is his birthday, so they're having a killer show on Monday night, July 2 at the Ken Club. They don't usually have bands on weeknights save for special occasions, so if you're not going to the Sunn O))) & Earth show at the Casbah, check it out. I believe Rat City Riot,The Postals and The Dissimilars will be playing and the Hell On Heels burlesque girls are gonna be there. Lineup could've changed since I last checked, but for sure The Postals and Dissimilars will be there. Maybe you should just bring your sleeping bag since Transfer is playing on Tuesday on the eve of Independence Day.

Anyway, it was a good night, albeit a couple of weird incidents. It definitely got me out of the funk that I had been in earlier in the day. Tonight, I'll be at the House of Blues, so come say hi. Dusty Rhodes and the River Band is upstairs on the 5th Avenue Stage, and The Gift/Curse and a couple comedians will be performing a free show downstairs in the Delta Room. Suh-weet.


Natalie said...

I think that's my favorite Swedish Models song too - thanks for posting the vid! I took 80 billion photos so it might be a little bit til I have mine posted.

The mohawk dude was shouting "Play something original!" and that's what started everything. That's about the only thing he could think of to say, and after that incident, he spent the rest of the show sitting down at a table, arms crossed.

Dude, I'm sorry, but if you don't like the music, that's what the back room is for. Don't be an ass.

Unknown said...

I guess that's what some have a knock on Mooney for, that they aren't the most original, and that they are pretty influenced, but most are these days.... they sure have been successful.

I was stoked on the show that they put on and more should check them out next time they're in town