Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This weekend: Taste of Gaslamp

The season of food tastings is upon us. All kinds of San Diego neighborhoods have an event this summer to show off the dining choices in their respective area. Living in Kensington, I love the Taste of Adams, but I've also heard rave reviews about Taste Of Hillcrest and the one happening this weekend, The Taste of Gaslamp.

I think tastings should be in the $10-$15 range, rationalizing that if I'm gonna spend $25 on food for just me, I'd rather not look like a vulture scavenging for the last piece of chicken or waiting for someone to offer me a shrimp.

That said, with the caliber of restaurants that have sprung in the downtown area to feed all those people who can afford homes that cost $1000 a square foot, maybe $25 isn't too bad to sample cuisine from places like The Ocean Room, Lou & Mickey's, Rama and JSix among many others.

For a list of all of the participating restaurants, click here.
If you decide this is your bag, buy your print-at-home tickets here.

Note, they limit the attendance so that food doesn't run out. To ensure this, TICKETS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE AND WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT. You've been warned.


Tania said...

the lines might be a little long, depending on attendance. wear sunblock! :)

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Yeah, seems like it's asking for disaster, but maybe that is just expected with just about everything in the Gaslamp these days.