Saturday, September 01, 2007

Friday Recap: Fascination & Repeater @ Ken Club

When I walked to the Ken Club last night, I had no intention of actually going to the show. I really just wanted to sit at the bar and people watch as I sometimes do. The other thing is that I see sooo many bands, sometimes I lose track of how they sound, if I liked them, etc. Sometimes I just confuse bands altogether, like thinking Fascination was Satisfaction. yeah.

So when I got there, I heard that voice...the voice that blew me away last time I heard it and I was instantly drawn into the band room (without even grabbing a drink at the bar first). The band was Repeater. Take the singer of Placebo, cut the whine, and put him in front of Interpol, and you have Repeater. The room was really dark and the band had some of their own lighting going on, so I didn't really bother too much with trying to take pics, but I got one of the singer.

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After Repeater, I ran into some friends so we chilled on the bar side, trying to cool down by the fans. I missed Syndicate, though from the bar they sounded like they should play with Fifty on Their Heels; they had that quick fast punky sound to them from what I could tell from my perch on the bar side of the Ken.

I did watch the Fascination and realized it has been a while since I've seen them. They're a 3 piece with a British frontman who have some very dedicated female fans. One was wearing pink boy cut underwear with superman logos all over them and knee high socks with the union jack "to be funny". I liked the band a lot, but it was probably over 90 degrees in that room, so I was in and out of there throughout the set.

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I ended up having a great time when my only real reason for going to the Ken was because I didn't want to have to drive anywhere else. I also didn't expect to stay up again until the sun came up, but I did, so sorry I missed the pop luck. Can't do it all, I guess.

I'm off to the Belly Up to see Dynamite Walls. I have it under good authority that "special guests" Augustana will be making an appearance. It's not too late to head up there.

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